Are You Looking for a Waste Management Solution for Your Used OIl?

WASTEA offers you a safe and efficient collection & disposal of used oil


If your business or hospitality establishment generates even a small amount of used oil as waste, then you will know what a hassle it can be to store and transport, as well as safely and correctly dispose of, this bulky by-product. Thankfully, here at WASTEA we have a team of skilled staff and all the equipment needed to safely and efficiently manage your used oil disposal needs. .

Whether its a once off job, or your business generates a steady stream of used oil and requires a frequent service schedule, our team of Waste Management Experts are here to help you find a solution that fits perfectly within the unique needs of your business!

Our waste oil removal service caters for all types of waste oil. In the mechanical and industrial sector we collect used engine oil, oily water, used hydraulic oil and sump oil, whereas in the hospitality sector we collect used cooking/kitchen oil and service grease traps.

What's more, you can rest assured that our fleet of specialised vehicles can handle any collection needs and our expert team are skilled in the safe handling and disposal of your used oil waste.

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