Does Your Property Generate A Large Amount of Waste?

WASTEA Mobile Compactors are a convenient & cleanly solution!


Built by Zenith Engineering, WASTEA’s Mobile Refuse Compactors (MRCs) are a durable waste management solution that handles large on-site amounts of waste in a convenient, cleanly and hygienic manner.

Our Mobile Compactor Rental Service is perfect for hotels, resorts, shopping centres and any commercial operation that requires management of high volumes of waste.

Designed as an all-in-one compactor, storage and a transport container for your waste, MRCs reduce clutter and contamination of working and public areas, thus improving conditions for guests and employees, therefore improving overall cleanliness and hygiene on your property.

Thanks to an MRCs compacting functionality and its high volume capacity, as well as its low cost maintenance and operation, WASTEA Mobile Compactor Service contracts are the most economical solution for mass waste generating operations, especially in terms of a reduce in haul-away frequency and the costs involved.

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