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WASTEA offers affordable, effective & efficient Liquid Waste Collection & Disposal


Offering the best liquid waste removal in Seychelles, WASTEA is highly experienced servicing commercial, hospitality and residential liquid waste needs, as well as maintaining septic tank health, ensuring this vital part of your waste management plan is carried out effectively, efficiently and affordably. 

Well equipped with a fleet of tankers of various capacity, most built in the UK, our vehicles are here to serve your liquid waste removal needs, whatever the scale and scope of you requirements.

Our liquid waste removal service is offered to you on a once-off or a scheduled basis, depending on your requirements, and we serve residential, commercial and hospitality properties, as well as boats and ships.

Our fleet includes 2000L7500L8500L10 000L, and 15 000L vehicles. 

We have the experience and equipment to serve your liquid waste needs 

Septic Tank & Drain Services Pumping Stations Sludge Services Water Waste
Grease Traps Waste Oil Drums  Kitchen Oil

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